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When will I get my FACE card?


FACE cards are automatically issued upon completion of ab-initio training.

My FACE card was lost/stolen, how do I get a replacement?


If your FACE card was stolen and this is the first time it has happened, FACE will reissue a FACE card for you free of charge when a request is submitted with an accompanying police report.

If your FACE card is lost, or has been stolen more than once, a fee of 200AED is chargeable through salary deduction.

If this is the third time or more than your Facecard is reissued, a fee of 500AED is chargeable through salary deduction.

Please request for a replacement form at the Crew Service Center or FACE Office during office hours.

An outlet is not giving FACE discount as advertised, what should I do?


As dictated by Dubai municipality law, in cases of dispute you are required to pay the bill before leaving the venue.

However, if you think an outlet has not honored the FACE discount as per the conditions detailed on facecard.org, please write to us at office@facecard.org making sure to attach your receipt from the outlet. In some cases we will contact the venue on your behalf if we agree that there has been a breach of agreement terms.

What happens if I 'no-show' for an event I have registered to?


Most of our events incur a penalty if a member does not show when booked onto an event. This penalty may vary by event.

It is common for FACE events to be oversubscribed, and in an effort to be fair to all members, this penalty is to deter activity that may cause other members to miss out on unused spaces. 

Should you not be able to attend an event, you should cancel your booking at the earliest opportunity (taking note of cancellation deadlines). In cases of extenuating circumstances, you may appeal the penalty. Any such appeals will be reviewed by the committee, whos decision is final. 

How do I cancel my FACE membership?


Should you feel as if you no longer wish to be a FACE member, you can cancel your membership by completing a cancellation form and submitting it to the FACE Office (EGHQ, Ground Floor).

You must return your FACE card with your cancellation request.

Please request for a cancellation form at the Crew Service Center or FACE Office during office hours.

Can my dependent get a FACE card?


Unfortunately not. Only active Emirates Airline cabin crew members are able to hold a FACE card. Membership is not available to the public.